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The side it numismatists, for the memory coins, species enquirers prepared for him, that let the memory coins and the full forint system be allowed to be reviewed easily with his help the from the first our days, and let information be obtained hereby collection's from a potential absentee's pieces, which may be bought even on the coin shop's side here.
In this little info bank some coins Hungarian, English and on a German language diverse information can be found. (nominal value, diameter, thickness, weight, substance, designer, manufactured number of pieces quality you are Bu PP etc...) on the photos to range in the big part of copies own collection's originates, but it we borrowed a couple of pictures from MNB mint side. The side yet incomplete, we supply the absent coins soon. The new coins from appearance our registered users (in as much this service is asked) we inform it in our newsletter starting soon. Our portal continuous actions and to flare supply, which our regular visitors may accompany with attention, characterize it.

Information from coins

Even new, you are old numismatist and in one's informations perhaps vague, let him signal it in connection with the coins produced after 1946 then, and we answer his questions according to our best knowledge!
We pay attention to your opinion: In as much observes a mistake, he has a remark, perhaps at the coins clerical error can be found, I ask it in that manner let him signal it! His remark indicate and we exchange our informations.
If from collection the market one is curious about his value only, we evaluate what does not cost a penny of you since this service of ours is free. In as much decides in that manner, that would relinquish coin/money from collection, possibly from one's copies, some we from among the coin shops we pay the best price. Let him turn to us with confidence. Pleasant browsing in the world of the coins!


Express course it numismatist shorting:
On the side (and it numismatist his row) may face the undermentioned symbols and abbreviations:

Keeping degrees / Gradings:
Bu : In mint condition
UNC : Uncirculated: in mint condition / not driven
aUNC : about Uncirculated: close in mint condition / not driven
EF : Extra fine : distinguished
VF : Very fine : very beautiful
F : Fine : beautiful
VG : Very Good : very good
G : Good : good
+ : better than... : right than...
- : worse than... : weaker than...
ÉH : Hungarian medal adverbial
H : Huszár Lajos : Münzkatalog Ungarn
HE : Huszár Lajos : The Transylvanian principality's coinage
HP : Huszár Lajos : Procopius B.: Medaillen- und Plakettenkunst in Ungarn
RIC : The Roman Imperial Coinage
HV : Huszár Lajos - Varannai Gyula: Medicine in Nummis

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