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Shipping & Returns Shipping & Returns

1. The amount of the corresponding domestic delivery mode of transport costs in order to calculate the respective web for information. Foreign shipping costs will be calculated retrospectively, Customer shall be entitled to cancel the contract within 3 (three) working days on the basis that, if the shipping costs will not be accepted.

2. The inland transport costs for packaging and delivery costs included in consolidated form.

third Minimum value is not defined, the weight and shipping costs are linked to the limit. The cost of packaging, shipping costs are charged in addition to service providers and are based on the case of domestic and intra-EU shipping address gross prices, delivery address in case of non-EU net prices prevailing tariffs.

fourth The Company assumes only the "ÉRTÉKBIZTOSITOTT" Package material liability does not accept any liability for recommended every letter.

Domestic postal delivery costs:

a.) registered mail

Weight: Fees
0-50g 2050 Ft
51-500g 2540 Ft
501-2000g 4350 Ft

b.) Domestic courier delivery charges 1 kg weight limit

a threshold value limit rate
3500 Ft 0 Ft 50 000 Ft
9500 Ft 50001 Ft 200000 Ft
21500 Ft 200001 Ft 500000 Ft

c.) Domestic shipping costs, COD purchases

a threshold value limit rate
4050 Ft 0 Ft 50000 Ft
6500 Ft 50001 Ft 100 000 Ft
11000 Ft 100001 Ft 200000 Ft
15800 Ft 200 001 Ft 299 000 Ft

d.) Domestic cash on delivery costs
Budapest, Érd, Dunakeszi, Budakeszi, Maglód catchment area
299,000 HUF limit of 3500 Ft Cash on delivery
299000-1.000000 HUF 3500 Ft after the transfer of your own courier

postal shipping costs within the EU

the price of the current postage rate + 2000 Ft Wraping- case of transfer handling fee and + in foreign currency exchange bank accounts and bank credit costs will be charged.
Available postage rate: https://www.posta.hu/postai_dijak

outside the EU postal shipping costs

In case the price of the current postage rate of 2000 Ft + wraping - and handling cost + foreign bank account to transfer the bank the money exchange and bank credit costs will be charged.

5. In case of changes in the tariffs of the Company reserves the right to modification. The amendment to the orders already in progress shall not apply.

6. The delivery terms are not regulated parts may be arranged by mutual agreement, so that both the Client and the company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in this case.

supplies warranty, product warranties.

Manufacturer: is the manufacturer of the product, and distributor of (import regarded as the manufacturer is importing) Customer: the Companys products buyer
Customer: is a customer who is a natural person and who is acting outside his profession or business includes trade, where the company acts as a receiver operative contact.
Warranties: is the responsibility of Seller for defective execution of defective performance, where the product at the time of execution - to deliver to the lake on the day of the event to as consumer upon delivery of the product or delivery receipt - does not comply with the law or the contract quality requirements laid down, or if you do not have properties in the manufacturers specification. There is no non-conformity when the product is mistakes when buying known or been aware.

1) Consumer warranty claims can, at his discretion: A) supplies warrantydemand or B) of product demand. For the same error supplies- of product demand and at the same time, in parallel can not be enforced. The product has encountered a problem the buyer / consumer immediately after the discovery of the error, it shall immediately be communicated to the seller. responsibility for any damage resulting from the delay in the Buyer / Consumer is responsible

A) needs to supplies warranty:

1) The buyer / consumer, according repairing or replacing the product
2) a price reduction or cancellation of purchase (this is the customer / consumer to choose). In case of a minor defect cancellation is not allowed. The Customer / Consumer mistake by the Seller at the expense of their own well-fix or fix. The Customer / Consumer supplies warranty the right choice to switch to another. The costs caused by switching is required to pay to the Seller, unless the defendant gave rise to the transition or migration was otherwise justified. The sale will be exempt from the obligation supplies warrantyif he can prove that, following the failure of the product to the customer / consumer transfer occurred (eg. A result of improper use). In case of a contract concluded with a consumer it shall be presumed, unless proven otherwise, within six months following the completion of an error discovered by the consumer already existed at the time of the performance, unless this presumption is the nature of things or the nature of the error incompatible.

B) product:

The manufacturer steadfastness direct to the consumer shelf in nature, due to the products fault. (The consumer may wish to enforce against the contractual partner = supplies warranty claim against the seller or manufacturer of the product liability claim.) A product liability claim is only enforceable against the manufacturer of the product and focus on improving the defective product, or if the repairs within a reasonable time and without prejudice to the consumer is not possible, you may be directed to the exchange. In case of product warranty, the manufacturer may be exempted from the obligation if it can demonstrate that - The product has not been placed on his business - The failure of science and art at the time of the offering was not recognizable or - Product failure resulting from legislation or binding official regulations of application.

2) Prescription and limitation period:

supplies warranty the needs of consumers in the completion date - enforced during the two-year limitation period from the date - date of receipt of the goods. (Used for products, the limitation period is 1 year.) The customer who does not qualify as consumer, can validate his claim supplies warranty In contrast, during the one year limitation period. The claim is time-barred supplies warrantystarts again (if the defective product or part thereof replaced, will be corrected). A product liability claim filed limitation, product liability, therefore, two years after the distribution of this product need no longer possible. The repair, replacement, or the right to withdraw from the Consumer exercise even if the defective product is not presented in its original packaging.

3) Funding:

Costs related to warranty obligations will be charged to the Seller, however, the costs can be shared if the product malfunction contributed to the failure of maintenance obligation of the Customer / Consumer.

4) Warranty:

Products marketed by the Company - coins, medals, banknotes, banknote pattern, traffic lines, etc. - Do not fall under the statutory warranty products include single. Volunteer Company assumes no guarantee on their own, and the products we sell.
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