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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

1, Briefed Cookie

In order to provide better services to our stomach and treated in accordance with the security and privacy risks, the Hungarian coin shop occasionally called cookies.
The cookie makes it easier to use certain features that will help the management of websites becomes more convenient and efficient for the user. A cookie is a small data package, which can be stored in the web server to the users computer webbpage. This can be a useful tool to the browser program record certain information that later can call up the web server. While browsing the Web browser will be placed on each cookie. When the user exits the browser, some cookies are stored in the computers memory in a cookie file, while others expire or disappear. All cookies have an expiration deadline.
A cookie is a specific browser on a specific computer is positioned so that when a user is working on another computer, where the cookie will not be found. Cookies help solve such as the fact that the browser stores the registration information in order Magyar Érmeboltnál happened is that the user would not have to enter each visit. A cookie is used to store individual settings that the user provides data aggregation and presentation in respect of a preference.
Order online:
The online ordering system uses cookies to remember that what you want the user to buy. The cookie allows the user to continuously you can view the range, and make goods in the shopping basket. Youll also have the option to exit the browser, and then later go back, and if you choose, you can basket of selected articles from previous contacts.
Online registration:
If the user decides to register the US Érmeboltnál, and in order to use it regularly, the system will ask for some personal information. This is solved by the use of cookies to the site to avoid re-entering the User will always identify himself.
up to Hungarian coin shop:
The usage monitoring with the help of US coin shop can monitor which sites take it and be established on this basis, and deduced that what interest you. This can help the Hungarian Érmeboltnak that the content of the Hungarian coin shop to be fresh and interesting.
Targeted Marketing:
The cookies to be mapped to the users what you visited within a particular site and a profile which can be developed. This information can then be sent to the user interest, targeted ads. The Hungarian coin shop uses cookies to remember that advertising has been sent to you, and so will not receive the same advertisements repeatedly.
Cookies can not be used for someone to read data off your hard drive, get e-mail ID, or to obtain a sensitive or personal information about you. Private information may be just as well in a cookie file if you personally hand over the information to a Web server. In addition, any cookies that only the server can accommodate read so strange servers can not read and do not steal the contents of a cookie, which you have previously accepted. Please also be aware that placing cookies or use of computer viruses can not be transmitted. If you are a visitor and you want to disable the acceptance of cookies, you can set your web browser.

2. Data Management briefed

Data Name:

Hungarian coin shop / Euro Full Bt (hereinafter the Company).
Headquarters: 1131 Budapest, Szent László u. 101-103
VAT number: 28635969-2-41
Company registration number: 01-06-419032
Registry: Metropolitan Court of Registration
Phone: 0036-30-892-6871
Website: www.magyarermebolt.hu

The laws underlying data management:

CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information. Act (hereinafter the Act, is available via the link below the text of the legislation in force

The legal basis of data management:

The data management www.magyarermebolt.hu website provided the legal basis for cooperation of law
fifth § (1) Personal data may be handled if
a) consents to the
b) by law or - based on an act, as defined in the circle - a local government orders the purpose of public interest (hereinafter referred to compulsory treatment). directory (2) In special cases, the data specified in § 6, and will be handled if
a) the data subject has given his written consent, For information contained
b) of § 3 section 3 subsection a) an international agreement promulgated the law needed to carry out or enforce the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution, as well as national security, defense or interest to act to prevent or prosecution of criminal offenses order or
c) in the case of § 3 3. b) information that regulation on the law orders the end, based on the public interest.
6th § (1) Personal data to use even if you obtain the subjects consent would be impossible or disproportionate costs and the handling of personal data
needed a) to fulfill the legal obligation to which the controller is subject, or for the purposes of limiting the
b) validation of the data controller or a third person having a legitimate interest in, and enforce those interests related to the protection of personal information rights of proportion. directory (2) If, through the disability in question or other unavoidable reasons given can not consent, you can protect your own or other people vital interests and lives of the people, physical integrity or assets of immediate danger to troubleshoot or to the extent necessary to prevent the contribution of barriers during the existence of the personal data in question can be handled. directory (3), consent or approval is not required for subsequent legal representative of the legal declaration of consent with a minor in question is 16 years of age to be valid. directory (4) If the data processing based on consent for the implementation of the agreement controller concluded in writing, the contract must include all the information on the processing of personal data in terms of - the data subject must recognize, in particular, the definition of treated data - under this Act the data processing duration, purpose of use, the fact of the transmission of data, recipients, data processing and use of fact. The contract must contain explicitly that the data subject consents signed by management, as defined in the contract. directory (5) If the inclusion of personal data in question took place with the consent of the data controller of the data obtained in the absence of other provision of law
a) to the subject of a legal obligation or
b) the purpose of the data controller or a third person having a legitimate interest pursued if it is of interest to enforce this restriction of the right to personal data protection ratio without further specific consent and even after the withdrawal of the consent of the relevant manage. directory (6) The request concerned the initiative launched in judicial or administrative process personal data necessary to complete the procedure with regard to her request, he launched another case of specified personal data shall be presumed to consent. directory (7) shall be deemed to consent in respect of which it has disclosed personal information or disclosures it provides during the public appearances concerned have been granted. In case of directory (8) in doubt, it shall be presumed that the person did not consent to.

The range of data management involved:

The data management only natural persons, legal persons or entities without legal personality involved who or which www.magyarermebolt.hu the web page of the newsletter-service voluntarily subscribe to or as a customer, customer voluntarily provide measures

The scope of managed data:

A) register: name, email address, or company name, address, billing address, shipping address, phone number, or fax number, password.
B) When ordering and purchasing: name, email address, company name, address, billing address, shipping address, phone number, or fax number (purchase orders and e-mail address and a password, which will be given registration)
C) A newsletter service on: All data given at registration, voluntary choice of the newsletter, newsletter registration at any time you can cancel your personal page.

The purpose of data management:

The purpose of processing 5 a), b) registration specified in, and megrendelésnél- purchasing, customer relationship between the controller and relevant to data management simplification, it is necessary to ensure the contract is governed by the agreements made in doing so the law can be met by the parties. The purpose of processing the 5th c) newsletter service cases, new products arrival of important numismatic news to find the information, discount opportunities, data changes, etc ....... required.

The method of data management:

specified by the concerned data management data to the controller is not forwarded to third parties, it is the controller as well as orders, when shopping extent necessary to fulfill the contract (name, address, phone number), the customer the option of performing a delivery service can learn only. This limitation does not apply to
permitted by law, or compulsory transfer of data.

Duration of data management:

Data management continues until the data management involved in the deletion of data from the data controller does not initiate, for using the newsletter service by unsubscribing from the service did not initiate. The purchase was made during the account specified by the customer during registration and recorded data is stored in a specified period of accounting regulations.

The data subjects rights management, validation and legal remedy:

the relevant data management:
-INFORMATION ask for personal information management,
-kérheti correction of personal information,
-kérheti deletion of personal data,
-tiltakozhat to the processing of personal data of -jogainak go to court in case of violation

The information concerned the data controller of the Law § 9 (1) Where the law, international treaties and the European Union, the data controller of personal data is taking over as such on the basis of a binding legal act of the provisions that the data controller is transmitting data at the same time indicating your personal data
possible purpose of) management, possible duration
b) management, potential recipients
c) forwarding, restrictions on the rights guaranteed by this Act
d) stakeholders or Other restrictions
e) management (Hereinafter referred to collectively privacy restrictions), receiving personal data controller (hereinafter referred to as the data importer) handles the personal information relevant to the extent and manner restriction data management, to ensure the rights in question in accordance with the privacy restrictions and

19th The data subject § 14-18. the rights defined in § law could restrict the external and internal security of the state, such as national defense, national security, the prevention or prosecution of criminal offenses, for the security of the prison, and state or local government, economic or financial interests of the European Union is an important economic or financial of interest and the exercise of professions disciplinary and ethical violations, to prevent and detect labor law and health and safety breaches - including in each case the control and supervision - and to protect the rights of the data subject or of others refuse
defined cases.


her request to the data management gives the controller information under its management or a contracted data management purpose, grounds and duration of the data processing name, address and activities related to data management, as well as on who and for what purpose receive or received the data . If the controller request to do so in writing within 20 days is required to provide the information, which was once free, the above cases occur each year, 3,000 HUF a cost.


In any inaccurate personal data corrected by the controller is required.


Personal data shall be deleted if
unlawful treatment of sewage,
concerned -the data management calls for the deletion of data,
-the incomplete or incorrect - and this state is lawful can not be corrected - provided that the cancellation law does not preclude
-the purpose of processing has ceased, the data storage time limit established by law has expired
cancellation of the court or the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information ordered.


The data subject may object to treatment on grounds specified in § 21 of the Act to the processing of personal data.
21st § against (1) the treatment of the personal data of the object in question,
a) when handling or transfer of personal data solely to fulfill a legal obligation of the controller or the controller, the data importer or a third person having a legitimate interest pursued by required, except for mandatory data management;
b) if the use of personal data or transmission of direct marketing, public opinion research or scientific research; as well as otherwise specified
c) Act. directory (2) The manager of the protest as soon as possible after the submission of the application, but not later than 15 days examine the merits of the issue to make a decision and inform the applicant of its decision in writing. directory (3) If the data in the protest concerned the merits of the Notes data management - including further data collection and data transfer - and the data is locked, and the protest and notify all measures taken on the basis of whom the objection previously transmitted personal data concerned and who are required to take action to enforce the right to object. directory (4) If the data subject, the data controllers decision taken in accordance with paragraph (2) does not agree, or if the controller deadline referred to in paragraph (2) fails, the question - the decision is notified, and the last day of the deadline date of 30 within days - in the manner specified in § 22 may go to court. directory (5) If the data necessary to validate the data importer has the right not receive because of the protest concerned, within 15 days of notification of the under paragraph (3) a notice to comply with data access - as specified in § 22 was - go to court against the data controller. The controller can also call prosecute the person concerned. directory (6) If the data controller fails to notice under paragraph (3), the data request receiving information about the circumstances of the failure of the data transmitted from the controller that information required to be made within 8 days of the request for the data controller to the data receiving delivery. For information, if requested by the data importer may go to court against the data controller within 15 days of entering the information, but no later than the deadline date were standing open. The controller can also call prosecute the person concerned. directory (7) The manager of data involved can not be deleted, if the data processing ordered by law. The data, however, the data can not be transmitted to the recipient, if the controller agrees with the objection or protest the court justified.


In case of violation of the rights of the affected data management to court specified in Section 22 of the Act, they followed.
22nd § (1) In case of violation of the rights concerned and in the cases provided for in § 21 of the controller against the data importer has to go to court. The court shall give priority to the case. directory (2) That the data management piece of legislation for compliance, the data controller is obliged to prove. The
21st case pursuant to § (5) and (6) the legality of the transmission of data to the data importer is obliged to prove. directory (3) 29 per guest competence of the tribunal. The lawsuit - that the election in question - the place of residence or tribunal in the place in question commenced before. directory (4) The lawsuit may also be parties who otherwise have no contentious legal capacity. Authority to intervene in the lawsuit in order to be successful in question. directory (5) If the court accepts the application, the data controller of the information to enter, data rectification, blocking, deleting, the decision on automated processing of data destruction, taking into account the right to object, and the data importer as defined in § 21 in data requested by the issue requires. directory (6) If the court in the cases provided for in § 21 of the data importer rejects the request, the data controller is obliged to delete the personal data concerned within three days of notification of the judgment. The data controller shall delete the data even if the data recipient does not occur within a specified period (5) and (6) of § 21 of the court. directory (7) The court may order a judgment - the controller to identity the publication of - disclosure, if it is a larger number of affected interests and privacy rights require protected by this Act.
appeals possibility of a complaint to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information can be made:
Name: National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Headquarters: 1024 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 22 / C.
Website: www.naih.hu
Phone: 0036-391-1400
e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu

The Data Protection Register:

In order for the data management of the data controller of personal data, stakeholder orientation to promote the official register (hereinafter referred to as the Data Protection Register), the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information leads. Data Protection Authority will not lead to a record of Privacy Act in paragraph of § 65 (3).
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